I am proud to announce that I am now the reseller of

Dawgtown pickups for scandinavia!


The pickups I use in the guitars I build are handmade and custom designed for me by John Galep, the maker of Dawgtown Pickups.

Johns pickups are by far the best sounding pickups I´ve ever tried! The dynamics and the frequency range are simply amazing and the way Johns pickups catches that true classic vintage sound is fantastic! When paired with and custom matched to a really well built and set up guitar the creativity and lust to play really blossoms!

(The fact that Gary Hooker, guitarplayer with Brad Paisley and Nashville session ace, called John after trying out the Broadcaster Tele pickups to tell him that it was the best pickups he had ever heard, and now uses Dawgtown Pickups says a lot...)

Dawgtown Pickups are now also available separately! They are an awesome upgrade for any of your favorite guitar!

Here are a few statements from players who have bought Dawgtown Pickups from me, either as an upgrade to a stock guitar or they have them in one of my custom built guitars:

The neck pickup is absolutely wonderful and your description of the balance, presence, stringseparation and smoothness of these pickups turned out to be spot on!”

Bosse bought a set of broadcaster pups for his VR Telecaster and replaced the CS pups

”These pickups are more than great, they are super fabulous!!! Extremely woody and chimey and the dynamics are fantastic! Can´t beat this sound!”

Lasse about Dawgtown ´68/´69 strat pickups in the OW strat in the pics here on the gallery page

”Indeed i have tried the '59 set. I put them in my 65 strat as planned and i was very impressed.

They are perhaps the best sounding pickups i have ever heard. I do like the Peter Florance st-60's, but right now, I am loving the Dawgtown pups. Very sweet sound, very pretty and beautiful tone, with a wide range of frequencies.

Tom in the UK, very happy with his Dawgtown pickups

John Galep makes fantastic pickups and can do custom orders for almost any type of guitar;

P90´s, PAF´s, Humbuckers or Single Coils.

Email me to learn more about Johns pickups!